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Informex Hosting is the host you can depend on with ultra-reliable servers!

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TK 2500/- TK 2500/- TK 2500/-

TK 2500/- TK 2500/- TK 2500/-

TK 2500/- TK 2500/- TK 2500/-

TK 2500/- TK 2500/- TK 2500/-

TK 2500/- TK 2500/- TK 2500/-

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No Multi Tenancy

We maintain strong protection form server. Protected server, safe website.

Auto Updates

We maintain auto updates software to our servers. Its important for you.

Optimized Control Panel

We provide cPanel to our clients and cPanel is a well optimized control panel.

Optimized Software

We use all well optimized software to server that's very important. All software are Optimized.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Our server based on LiteSpeed Web Server. Thats Why our server 10x Faster.

Weekly Backups recover

We'll give you weekly backup. You will be able to recover your website fully.

Registration Procedure & Time line:

  1. We have to activate every domain by BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd). We have to maintain following steps:
  2. We have to Submit application for Domain registration.
  3. Acceptance of Domain registration Demand letter.
  4. After Receiving the demand letter, we have to diposite the payment at bank and give deposit copy to the BTCL office as a proof of payment.
  5. BTCL take time to process the registration within 02 Days after the receiving payment deposit copy.
  6. Above all registration process is manual task that need physical present at BTCL office.
  7. Above all process can take time up to 5-7 working days.

Terms And Conditions:

  • Domain registration depend on first order, first-activation basis when payment confirmation. The activation process will be start after successful payment received by Informex Host.
  •  You have to wait until the activation process. Some times it can take more time to activate.
  • Domain name check depends on you. For any mistake, we are not responsible.
  • Domain registration fee is non refundable if the domain name has been successfully registered.
  • If the registration is not successful, Web Host BD will refund the fee.
  • If you do agree to our terms of service then you can order your domain.

Days money back guarantee

100% MoneyBack guarantee for any web hosting package without any obligation.

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